The Secret Sauce of Downsizing – 

The Complete Guide for Living with Less and Loving It More

Are you planning to downsize now or sometime in the future?

Do you want to know: Where to start? What to do?

How’s this going to work?

The Secret Sauce of Downsizing is a book for anyone at any age who wishes to simplify, organize, downsize or just change up their lifestyle!

This book covers everything from soup to nuts in regards to downsizing, with tips and solutions from experts in all areas from Professional Organizing, to Legal, to Home Buying and Selling, to Mindset, to Communicating with Loved ones and so much more!

The experts in this book share their recipes for the best ways to deal with this multi-faceted, and sometimes complicated process of downsizing and so much more!  

In this book you will learn how to: 

Identify and explore Downsizing and Rightsizing options

Consider who to include in your decision-making process

Realistically look at your new space

Identify the activities you want to make room for

Create a downsizing plan

Ask provocative questions about the things you are keeping

 Identify destinations for the unneeded, unwanted, and the no room for

Manage your energy and stress throughout the process

Confront the reasons organizing may be extremely difficult for you, and tips to work through it

 Make your transition go smoothly

Grace and her 5 co-authors invite you to explore Downsizing, from different perspectives and disciplines, in order to discover the right path for you.

Each chapter is loaded with downloadable extras.


  • Downsizing Planning Workbook
  • The Heart Math Experience Webinar
  • The “No Nonsense No’s” Checklist
  • The guide to the “Mindful Steps to Downsizing”
  • And More  .  .  .

Let “Simplify” become your guiding principle!

Now is the perfect time to explore your Downsizing options.


Meet the authors

Marlena has always been passionate about empowering people. During her 50- year career in education, she earned her Doctorate Degree and received numerous local, state and national awards for the work she has done for children and families. She was the recipient of the United States Service Award, a 1996 Olympic Torch runner, acknowledged in the United States Congressional Record and recognized on the California State Assembly floor for her work as Founder and past Executive Director of “The Kids’ Breakfast Club.” Now, as an award-winning author and speaker, Certified Home Stager and Realtor, Marlena continues to inspire and empower others. Find out more about Marlena at

Marlena Uhrik

Michele Mariscal has 30 years’ experience in the health and wellness field. She is a skilled facilitator in soft skills training and development. Her work facilitates individuals and organizations to thrive through heart-based learning.

She has earned grief recovery and advanced grief recovery certifications through the Grief Recovery Institute. She is also licensed as a Trainer and Mentor through the Institute of HeartMath. Michele is also a four-time author with her most recent publication of Growing Through Grief – The Alchemy of Healing from Loss. Find out more about Michele at

Michele Mariscal

For over 25 years, Laura was Director of the National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP), a program she founded in 1992 to inspire and motivate teens to positions of positive leadership.

The program, now in its 28th year, has served over 20,000 teens and garnered several awards including the Excellence in Education Award from Senator Barbara Boxer and the California Medal of Merit from the California National Guard.

Prior to NTLP, Laura worked for 12 years as a manager with American Express Destination Services Hawaii. She is currently happily planning wonderful vacations as an Independent Travel Specialist for Travel Concepts, Inc. 

Laura Segura

Grace graduated with honors from San Jose State University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a Teaching Credential. While raising 4 kids, Grace was inspired to launch her professional organizing business, Check It Off Your List. Since 2007, she has organized everything from homes, offices, garages and classrooms to barns. She has even helped in the design and construction of new homes and remodels. 

Her definition of the word “Organized” appears in the International Best-Selling book, Itty Bitty Book of Words. Her unique approach to organizing is why clients across the nation enjoy working with her. Find out more about Grace at

Grace Bermudes - (that’s me)

Mishele launched Away With Chaos in 2002. She helps busy people and those experiencing life transitions. Mishele has a deep passion for working with people with brain related conditions including ADHD, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other behavioral health conditions which can make it harder to get and stay organized. 

As a speaker, writer and active member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), Mishele was the first in history to earn the official Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) designation in 2007. Her workshop “Managing Chaos” teaches how to keep chaos from seeping back into their home, work and life. Find out more about Mishele at

Mishele Vieira

River is a Certified Life Master Consultant and has a Master’s in Organization Development. Working within various sectors she has developed effective tools and strategies for providing collaboration, process improvement, strategic planning, facilitation, leadership and innovation. 

For over 20 years, she has studied transformation success principles. Taking an integrated, holistic approach, River combines her life experiences and broad background of studies with academic theories in systems thinking, emergent processes, quantum theory and neuroscience. 

River lives in a Northern California Sierras with her husband, dog and cat. She loves hiking, cycling, kayaking, or just sitting in her backyard watching the birds. Find out more about River at

River Easter

Let us help you, Live more with less stuff.