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Organize and Manage Your Way
Out of Paper Overwhelm in
7 Manageable Steps

9 Secrets to Finding More
Room in Your Closet!

Do you dream of living and working in a beautifully organized space?  

Is your home failing to support your current lifestyle?

Are you frustrated with the amount of time, stress and $$$ office disorganization is costing you? 


If you answered yes or laughed, you’re probably feeling the need for some organization in your life.

As a home organization and management strategist, I embrace the busy active life-style, and I know firsthand how disorganization can manifest itself in overwhelm, low energy, and low productivity at home and in the office. I see it everyday! Disorganization can be fixed!

I help busy people zero in on your home, office, and life, and identify what’s not working, and show you how to implement efficient strategies to get things done and simple streamlined systems to keep you organized.

I show you that you CAN start off your day feeling less stressed, be more productive, and get more enjoyment from your home and office, when it is an organized, well-managed space.

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“I work with you to achieve Beautiful living through Organization”


Grace Bermudes founder of Check It Off Your List has lived in the Santa Clara Valley for over 25 years.Grace graduated with honors from San Jose State with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a Teaching Credential. She participates in a variety of volunteer opportunities including being a past chair of the Autumn in the Rose Garden Homes Tour. Her passions include spending time with her family, skiing, flat water kayaking in the Central Sierra, and attending soccer games, teaching, being an avid non-fiction reader, flower arranging, and of course, rehab and home enhancement projects.