Spring’s here! It’s time to have fun decorating for Easter and Spring. Traditions are such an important part of life. I especially loved the baby ducklings and chicks in the pet stores. I was lucky enough to get to choose a duckling named “Quack-Quack,” of course, to raise as a pet.

And, while you’re decorating, it’s the perfect time to organize your decorations.

  1. Decorate:  Use your favorites because when they emotionally resonate with you, it will be that much more enjoyable for those who come into your space to appreciate.
  2. Add something fresh:  Beautiful blooms, fresh grass, chicken or duck egg shells…more on this to come…
  3. Maybe add some new things.

 Now it’s time to organize!

  1. Once you are done decorating, there is much less to go through.
  2. Look at what you didn’t use.
  3. Consider each piece. Why didn’t you use it? Does it need repair? Do you still love it? Would you use it again?
  4. Donate now. After the holiday, the donation place may not take these seasonal piece(s).
  5. Repack the keepers. Purchase new containers and wrap them if needed. Remember to have containers large enough so you can add things you are currently decorating with after the holidays.
  6. Either use see-through containers or be sure to clearly label for easy identification in the future.

Stay tuned to this space for more great tips for organizing and beautifying your special space.

Next week:  Choosing containers or spaces for storage

The following week:  Chicken and duck eggs

The week after that: Choosing blooms